Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Wildlife Sanctuary is a community where monkeys and human beings live together. The inhabitants in the village always leave food outside their homes for the animals. The monkeys see human beings as their own.

Bono Region

Ghana: Bono Region
Population: 1,208,649

Sunyani, the capital city of the Bono region, prides itself on being the cleanest capital city and a popular conference location. The Bono region borders Savannah region to the north, the Cote d’Ivoire international border to the west, Bono East to the east, and Ahafo region to the south. 


One of Ghana’s 16 administrative regions is the Bono area. Bono East region and Ahafo region were formed as a result of the remaining Brong-Ahafo area. The regional capital is Sunyani, also referred to as the green city of Ghana. The capital city of Sunyani may take pleasure in being the cleanest and a popular convention location.