Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Wildlife Sanctuary is a community where monkeys and human beings live together. The inhabitants in the village always leave food outside their homes for the animals. The monkeys see human beings as their own.

North East Region

Ghana: North East Region

Population: 658,946

The present Northern territory of Ghana was to be divided into a new territory, the North East Region of Ghana. This new region’s establishment fulfilled a promise made by the New Patriotic Party before the 2016 general election in Ghana. Following his election victory, President Nana Akuffo Addo established the Ministry of Regional Reorganization to supervise the creation and application of policies. All told, Ghana’s existing 10 regions were to be divided into six new ones. Western North, Bono, Bono East, Ahafo, Savannah, and Oti are the additional regions. 

The Nayiri is the ruler of the Mamprugu traditional territory, which includes the entire region. He receives guidance from a traditional council of elders. Chiefs who are in charge of divisions and other subordinate chiefs help the Nayiri. His dominance transcends the limits of the North East Region and even the entire country. The Wulugu Naaba, Wungu Naaba, Soo Naaba, Kulgu Naaba, Yunyoorana, Bunkpurugu Naaba, Zuarungu Naaba, Tongu Naaba, and Sakuti (all in the Upper East Region) stand out among the chiefs. 

The majority ethnic group in the Municipality is the Mamprusi. Dagombas, Bimobas, Konkombas, Talensis, Tampulmas, Bissa, Mossis, Chakosis, and Hausas have also made the area their home, though. Annual celebrations include the Damba Festival and the Bugum (Fire) Festival. The District is a multireligious area, with Christianity, Islam, and Traditional African Religion as the three main faiths.